Assisi-Bevagna, Italy


The Umbrian hills sits a medieval, fortified village where time seems to have stopped. This is where Ostello Bello Assisi Bevagna was born. This region has nothing to envy of its neighbouring region Tuscany in terms of food, wine, or breathtaking views. It does however have less tourists and selfie-sticks. The city of Assisi – with its bundle of history, spirituality, and artistic marvels – is just opposite us, you can gaze at it from your window. Oh yes, we’re super lucky! Ostello Bello Assisi Bevagna is the perfect basecamp for exploring all the beauties the region has to offer: centres of art like Perugia, Spoleto, Foligno, or Norcia are a few kilometers away. If you’re feeling adventurous, you have plenty of choices around Torre del Colle: from canyoning to rafting, and hot air ballooning to paragliding. You can choose to rent a bike, go horseback riding, or even hiking with theit guides, keeping in mind that for every drop of sweat you may shed there is a local wine and delicacy tasting waiting for you. In the end life is meant to be enjoyed, is it not?


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