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Spin Designer Hostel

Right smack in the middle of El Nido Town, SPIN Designer Hostel is the ideal base for your Palawan adventure.


This 30 room Designer Hostel is exactly what it is called: Handsomely designed spaces and spacious rooms await every traveller ready to explore El Nido.

Welcome to SPIN Designer Hostel.

Big beds with super comfy blankets provide relaxation and coziness in Dorm type or Private type rooms. Each room is equipped with air-conditioning for those hot summer days and your own personal cabinet for your belongings.

Designed with the modern traveler in mind: SPIN is all about making new connections and awesome experiences in a fun, spacious and inclusive environment. This is reflected in SPIN’s well-thought of spaces that allow for fellow travelers to congregate and share their stories; a central area where you can hang out, jam, play board games, or have a beer or two with #SPINners from around the globe, weekly hostel activities and events that serve as an ice-breaker for the Spinners who want to socialize, and of course, friendly and hospitable staff  that are always ready to help and even give you local tips on how to make your vacation even more memorable.

These are just some of the many things that you’ll #experience when you come to SPIN with us.

So when we say “let’s go for a Spin”, you know we mean that it’s going to be one exciting trip!

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